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Well it looks as if BUGS has come to an end. It has been 2 years since the cancellation of the series by the BBC. There is little hope now that the show will return, in a new series, to televeion. Season 4 pulled poor ratings I have heard and for justifiable reasons the network (BBC) axed the show for something else. Unless another station is to purchase the rights for a new season, and the actors agree to continue with their parts, the show will only live on in our minds as one of the best ever shown.

BUGS is currently being shown in AUSTRALIA on the cable television (Foxtel) station UKTV. It is braodcast every Saturday night at 6:30 to 7:30. UKTV generally shows old and finished television series, the exception being programs such as The Bill. BUGS was broadcast on a major free-to-air network (Channel 7) accross Australia in 1996-1997 before being cancelled after season 2. A small country network (GWN) replayed these in 1999 before also cancelling the series after season 2.

The last episode of BUGS (if is not continued) was aired on the BBC on the 29/8/99 at 6:45pm.